Industrial Cylinder Brushes

Our industrial cylinder brushes for industrial and municipal sweeping machines are constructed to the highest standard, using the best quality monofilament. These one-piece brushes are designed for easy and fast changeover of the cylinder brush.

These cylinder brooms rotate at high speeds and are made from a strong, lightweight, and balanced polymer tube. The tufted row construction incorporates space for large debris to be thrown up in to a hopper chamber by the sidewall of the tufted row, and two or three rows of tufts are normally positioned radially next to each other to support the sidewall. The ends of the bristles remove fine dust and loosen compacted soil from the ground through a flicking action.

We only use top-quality monofilament to produce our industrial cylinder brushes so they last longer and maintain a consistent stiffness over their life. Get in touch with a member of our team if you’d like a specific bristle pattern manufacturing, such as a chevron pattern for high speed outside litter picking. You may also be interested in our light floor cleaning and general floor scrubbing brushes.