Barry has an Important Visitor

Barry Crackett, our Design Engineer here at Brushtec, had a very important visitor recently from California. It was 8-year old Ryan Compton who successfully received bone marrow from Barry more than 2 years ago to treat his blood cancer.

Ryan is the son of Maggie and Jason Compton. Jason is an LA cop and as Ryan would like to be a police officer when he grows up, so it was logical for Barry to arrange for Ryan and the rest of the family to visit Durham Constabulary during their visit to the North East of England.

Barry and his bond marrow recipient Ryan. In good hands with the Compton's and the LAPD

Barry signed up with the Anthony Nolan donor register 11 years ago – 3 years before Ryan was even born. When volunteering to become a bone marrow donor Barry never imagined that he would be able to actually save the life of anyone through this process but hoped that somehow somebody would benefit from his initial testing. Ryan’s diverse background, Mexican-American, Russian, German, Polish and native American, created great odds in finding a match.

2 years ago Barry underwent the bone marrow donor operation but didn’t know who would get this gift of life. Early in 2013 Barry was contacted by Ryan’s family and received a personal thank-you letter from Ryan.

Thank you card from Ryan, Barry's bone marrow recipient.

With the contact came an invitation from the City of Hope to attend their annual “Celebration of Life” Bone Marrow Reunion in California. At the event cancer survivors have the opportunity to say thanks to the people who donated bone marrow, and saved their lives. Barry, his wife Jess and new son Sol travelled to Los Angeles in May to visit Ryan and his family. The Compton’s and Barry’s family then spent the week together as well as taking a trip to San Francisco.

Barry and Ryan at the City of Hope 2013 Bone Marrow Reunion.

Ryan seeing his new bone marrow on transplant day.

As the result of his bone marrow donation and the successful outcome of this generous act Barry has become quite the media star with national appearances on BBC Radio, BBC TV and ITV here in the UK as well as Fox TV and NBC in the USA. Links to these interviews and features are too numerous to identify!

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