New Addition to Brushtec

Brushtec site plans

Brushtec has grown dramatically over the last 22 years to the point where we have outgrown our current buildings.  2 years ago we had the foresight to ‘set the wheels in motion’ by buying 4 acres (16,187m²) of land adjacent to our current buildings.  Planning permission was finally granted and the groundwork started this week.

Brushtec has taken the new build’s environmental impact very seriously and we have invested heavily in renewable energy sources.  The building will have the latest Solar Photovoltaic systems (9kW Solar Panels) and even a ground source heat pump.

To reduce electricity consumption we have specified low voltage LED lighting, thermal efficient cladding and 93% efficient gas-fired air heaters.  We have even specified Dyson Airblade hand dryers for the toilets, which generate 70% less carbon emissions than the more traditional recycled paper towels and warm air hand dryers.  We will also install a high thermally insulated automatic high speed shutter door, which can open or close in just 3 seconds.

During the build Brushtec will be offsetting the carbon foot print by planting 1410 trees and shrubs, including Norwegian Maple, Sycamore, Ash, Oak, Lime, Blank Alder, Silver Birch, English Oak, Hazel, Dogwood, Hawthorn, Holly, Blackthorn, Dog Rose and Elder.

Brushtec construction 10 Brushtec construction 9
Brushtec construction 14 Brushtec construction 12
Brushtec construction 1 Brushtec construction 4
Brushtec construction 3 Aerial photo of new build