Take the strain out of carpet shampooing!

Carpet Shampoo Brush with BaseFeatured product of the month: Brushtec’s Capet Shampoo Base.

This adjustable carpet care device is used when shampooing carpets. Carpet shampoo brushes use very fine monofilaments which generally do not have the strength to support the weight of a cleaning machine. This is where the brush support centre comes in, taking the weight of the machine off the brush fibres while still leaving sufficient down pressure to clean the carpet and lift the pile. This in turn reduces the wear on the brush fibres. Also helping to reduce the drag on the floor, this makes the machine more manoeuvrable and more pleasant for the operator to use. Not to mention the machine drawing less current.

The brush support is fully adjustable so as the brush wears down, the support is reduced in height to maintain a constant cleaning performance. This product can also be used in conjunction with a professional dry carpet powder system.

Brushtec’s carpet shampoo base can be used with either wet or foam shampoo systems and dry powder on rotary slow speed cleaning machines.

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