Zig-Zag Cylinder Brushes

Poly Zig-Zag Cylinder
The Zig-Zag™ cylinders from Brushtec allow you to slot together a series of brushes, producing a cylinder broom with exactly the dimensions and functionality you require.

Fibre Zig-Zag Cylinder
The Zig-Zag™ cylinders are based on a system of interlocking module cylinder cores that slide on a suitable shaft, with tufts of filaments arranged in special patterns and densities. These Zig-Zag™ cylinder brushes feature trapezoidal interlocking teeth to produce a continuous brush face.

The lightweight, reinforced polypropylene core modules enable easy replacement of damaged or worn sections with minimal delay and cost.

Wire Zig-Zag Cylinder
The interlocking brushes are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths for a number of industrial applications. Segments with hard, soft, thick, or thin bristles can be mounted on the same shaft to fit your exact needs.

The following size are currently available:

Inside Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
25 100
35 100
40 100
50 100
60 100
100 100

Note: the flare (Outside diameter) can be trimmed any size requested


A limited selection of off the shelf Zig-Zag Cylinder Brushes are now available on our new online shop, brushtec-shop.com.


Get in touch with a member of staff today to find out more about our innovative Zig-Zag™ cylinder system. You may also be interested in side brushes and our municipal brush range.

Zig-zag brushes mounted on shaft